About Us


Ontario Aquarium Service (OAS) are your experts with over 30 years of freshwater and saltwater experience – So we definitely know about fish and the world they live in.

We service over 80 commercial aquariums in Ontario, along with customized builds and installation of tanks that are over 500 gallons.  Our clientele are very satisfied with our service and they are amazed at the results.  Our most interesting customer is Penn & Teller (world famous magicians), who approached us to help build the “Gold Fish” magic tank at the Casino Rama, and please don’t ask us how they did it.  We are bonded by confidentiality (so we can’t share how it was done), but let me tell you, that was a whole lot of fun watching the trick being performed and participating in helping.   

Currently we service the Greater Toronto Area from Oakville East to Bowmanville, and North to Peterborough.  For years, we have also specialized in the ‘Retirement and Long Term Care’ homes since they offer therapeutic programs, which combined with our “liquid art” (aquariums), brings joy to their residence.   We have also seen a pattern of our beautiful aquariums replacing the fireplace, which is becoming a new feature in many Canadian’s homes, creating that “wow-factor” for the Residents.

NEW: Due to Covid19, we are pleased to offer phone or on-line consultations for $1/minute, which is available by appointment. 

Enough about our fun.  Let’s work together on your next aquarium adventure.  Give us a call and lets talk shop!