At OAS (Ontario Aquarium Service), through our rent to own program, you can enjoy the entire fish tank unit under our TAP program (Therapeutic Aquarium Placement), which eliminates the headache of buying the equipment and having a huge outlay of money. We supply the tank, stand, fish, decorations, and all the goodies to create your liquid art masterpiece.  This is a very popular program for the retirement and long term care homes.

Having a fish tank is very attractive and beneficial for their Residents and their families.   Families enjoy spending time with Residents by their aquarium because it provides many topics of conversation, and is enjoyable to watch.  A big tank not in your budget?  Ontario Aquarium Service can put a large aquarium fully decorated in your home for as low as $150 per month including service.

We also sell and install entire fish tank units to suit our client’s needs, along with servicing them.  From a 50 gallon to 500 custom acrylic display,  OAS can design an aquarium to highlight your room.

At OAS, we have over 30 years of experience in the fish industry.  We offer all inclusive pricing, no hidden fees or extra costs for food, our program supplies colourful decorations to delight your Residents and your fish are always happy and well cared for.  We offer discounts for multiple tanks and different methods of payment.