Long-Term Care



Ontario Aquarium Service (OAS) has been a great asset to those in the retirement community, especially the long-term care facilities.  We’ve provided aquariums for many facilities over the years in the Ontario area.  Our liquid art aquariums provides entertainment, promotes health and wellness, and generates intrigue from a world made of water, one filled with playful fish.  Having a quality aquarium with vibrant colors (including the fish) has shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure in people.  Watching fish is like having a moment of Zen.

Our aquariums provide a therapeutic, vibrant and colourful display.  They have been enjoyed by many residence over the years and we have gotten many compliments on them.

An aquarium is like gathering around a campfire; a spot shared by all to see old friends and family, and the chance to share stories; everyone enjoying a wonderful time with each other and children especially, enjoying their own entertainment through the world of fish.

We offer several choices for our clients.  You may rent to own (starting at $40/week), buy (varies on tank size), or we can manage your existing tank(s).  We will work with you in maintaining that aquarium so you and others may enjoy it.  Our pricing is all-inclusive – we provide:  fish, food, media and colourful decorations.  Our aquariums are self-sufficient – we manage all care and service to your aquarium.

Let us show you how we can improve your home with our tanks.