Talk to an Expert


Ever been to your favorite aquarium store only to be looking for “That Fish Expert”, and they lack the knowledge, the know how and skills to provide you with reliable information on tanks, fish and everything about the hobby? Do they act like a regular sales person, or is their passion all about aquariums and fish?

You’ve surfed the web, read a lot about the subject or watched a bunch of YouTube videos and you’re finding yourself getting way too deep into this time consuming project and its getting frustrating and confusing. We hear this all the time. Or you just don’t have the time to do several hours of researching about the world of fish, and you’re running out of time and patience.

So your end game is to look for a simpler and quicker way of doing it yourself, but need advice on how to do it.  This is where we can help.

At Ontario Aquarium Service (OAS), let us take away your pain and assist you on your endeavors. We provide consultations so you can speak with an aquarium professional, one with many years of experience and passion to help with all those questions you couldn’t find on your own.

We offer email, phone support and video chat – our service provides that ‘at home’ experience while you are safe in your home during this COVID crisis.  We will look at your aquarium and provide you with professional advice on how to achieve that ‘wow’ factor.

What Separates us from the Others

Like most fish businesses, its a dog and pony show. They taunt you with discounts, they have sales, and they will sell you just about anything to get rid of their stock. They should be focused on your needs and provide you with the best solutions from experience and knowledgeable people. This is your investment, not theirs.

Businesses these days are focused on quantity and not quality. They should be selling you products that will last longer, are hassle free and not have you do frequent store returns . Their best interest should be in you. Instead you are sold unnecessary equipment, media or fish, which will cost you more money in the long run.

At OAS, we will advise you based on what’s best for your tank, not our bottom line as many fish stores do.

Our Consultations Will…..

Save time: Why waste hours online or going to a store when a simple call/video chat can quickly answer any questions you have in a timely manner.

Any questions you have we can answer such as:

  • Filters: the good/bad and ugly – what works for which fish
  • Tank size- how big or small to purchase based on fish choice, also which tanks hold up better over time (some manufacturers are better than others)
  • Fish–fish types, compatibility, how many, diseases, best food, why are they dying? etc.
  • Furniture–what stands work best, which ones to stay away from, how to have something custom built for your home.
  • How to’s: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to know – from how to properly clean your tank to which products to use and everything in-between.

Call us today at 905-914-0445 for a consultation.